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Grant Phipps is an Associate Broker with Goldbahr Real Estate and began his real estate career in 2000. Grant enjoys meeting people and helping them. He places himself in the shoes of his clients and works closely with them to achieve their real estate goals. Grant is involved in many activities, and finds time to serve in leadership positions in various organizations in the community. He enjoys Arizona and all that it has to offer. Grant enjoys time with his wife in sports, travel, photography and hiking.


To see what our clients say about use, click on this link:  Testimonials


To see what our clients say about use, click on the link beside the photo entitled:  Testimonials.


There are two types of real estate agents. Those that have gone into their real estate careers with a successful background in business and those that have become real estate agents as a “fall back” or “Plan B.” This is important because it impacts how the real estate agent views and runs their business, and how prepared they are to meet the needs of buyers and sellers in a sophisticated market. Who wants to work with an agent who views their work as a “Plan B?” Consider a wonderful option…

David Ramey and Grant Phipps both enjoyed successful careers prior to engaging in the real estate industry. The lessons learned from those experiences helps form the foundation for how we run our business. Real estate is our business, and business is good. This is what we do full time, and we have helped hundreds of people buy and sell real estate in the Phoenix Metro Area. David has been licensed since 2004 and Grant has been licensed since 1996. The career experience prior to becoming a licensed real estate agent is foundational to the success we have each built since taking that step to work in real estate.

Trust. We both believe that the premise to earn the right to do business with a buyer or seller is trust. Establishing trust is step one, and we never take this for granted. However, trust is earned over time. We are both licensed REALTORS, and abide by the REALTORS CODE OF ETHICS. Our view is that what we do is a privilege to help other people realize their goals and dreams of owning real estate. Most of our clients continue to do business with us and refer us to their friends and family once they have experienced working with us.

Communication. Communication is essential in waging any successful business, and in real estate it is particularly important. First impressions of our style are that we are both good listeners. After all, what we do is not about us…it is about our Clients. Our Clients tell us what is on their mind and through active listening we help our Clients create a map, or set of goals which serve to help us help our Clients realize their dreams. We work with our Clients over an extended period of time, so our communication methods will vary from time to time to reflect the most effective method of communicating, ranging from in-person conversation to phone conversation to email to texting, etc. Our Clients are busy people and we use technology to make the real estate sale or purchase as straightforward, efficient and as stress-free as possible for them.

Experience. This is “the largest transaction of their lives” for the majority of our Clients. The real estate industry continues to become more complex. This is no time for “trying” to work with an amateur. This is the time to trust a seasoned professional REALTOR. Both Grant and David have worked and lived in the area they specialize in for over 25 years each. When it comes to wanting to work with an experienced real estate agent, important things to consider are knowledge of the area and its amenities; knowledge of the real estate market, what are the trends and how does that impact YOU? Knowledge of the real estate transaction, whether it be the contract language to protect your interests, the negotiation on your behalf, knowledge of various kinds of transactions such as traditional, short sale, bank owned or pre-foreclosure. We’ll help you navigate the best way to reach your real estate dreams.

Goals. As mentioned above, our specialty is to help our Clients achieve their real estate goals. The first step in doing that is via conversation. We have a consultation with our Clients in which we can discuss what it is that our Client wants to achieve. We want to have clarity of purpose so that we can assemble a detailed blueprint of how to best assist you in accomplishing what it is you want to do. This is an important step whether our Client is a Buyer or a Seller of real estate; we work regularly with both Buyers and Sellers and understand the unique concerns each has. This consultative approach helps everyone understand the overall goal as well as progress being made toward that goal.

Team. Your goals are important to you. Your timeframe in which to accomplish your real estate goals may be nearly impossible to change. We get that. We understand your sense of urgency. David and Grant decided to form a team to serve their Clients at a high level. We have very similar work styles, levels of professionalism and integrity. We are both involved with all our Clients, however one of us will take the ‘lead.’ In the event one of us is not available (flat tires, minor emergencies and the occasional day off do occur, after all!) the other one will be there to help you. Both of us being available to you means you have access to the experience, availability, knowledge and communication you will want in your real estate transaction. Two experienced professionals. At no additional cost to you!

Enjoy. Grant and David are blessed to be able to do what we really like to do, and that is to help people with their real estate dreams. What an honor to be able to be the trusted real estate agent for our Buyers and Sellers. One side effect of enjoying what we do is that it does not seem like work. We are able to share that enjoyment with how we interact with our clients, in what inevitably is a straightforward and enjoyable process. We just treat other people as we’d like to be treated.

Contact. Your next step is to let us know your name and number or email. There needs to be a starting point. That part is up to you. We’re friendly. We’re professional. We won’t waste your time. We look forward to meeting you, and earning the right to do business with you. Check out our website, then take a moment to sign in. Let’s get started. It’s your move.