March 28, 2015

Tempe Festival of the Arts

Tempe Festival of the Arts

This weekend, head down to Downtown Tempe for the Tempe Festival of the Arts!  The atmosphere is fun, festive and full of things to look at and buy.  Tempe has closed Mill Avenue from University to 3rd Street, with several side streets part of this event.  This is a place where you can enjoy a relaxed, but entertaining, morning or afternoon...or spend all day.  It opens at 10:00 a.m. and closes at 5:30 p.m.

You hear laughter, music and the sound of an entertainer on the top of a tall unicycle.  You see people of all ages, people Tempe Festival of the Artswalking their dog, babies in strollers and the friendly faces of people strolling past the booths...stopping at one that draws their interest.  Vendors and artists from all over come to Tempe each year to sell their wares.  Street performers and musicians are part of the scene.  Restaurants are easily available for those getting hungry, with other food/drink stands placed conveniently for your needs.

Fine art work, photography, cloth children toys, figures made from bolts, things made of wood, pottery, gas fire pits, signs, special vinegars, dip mixes, food items, jewelry, and so much more are there to view and buy.  There is a street chalk picture contest on 4th Street west of Mill.  You can even do your own square with chalk if you like.  The weather is great and the fun waits for you this weekend.  If you cannot make it this weekend, mark your calendar for December 4 - 6 of this year, when the Festival returns.

~ David Ramey

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