June 10, 2015

Do You Know About Your Roof?

In our real estate business, we have the opportunity to work with clients from all over the country, yes, that includes Alaska and Hawaii...as well as various locations around the world, and since many of our clients come from different Tile Roof Photo 1climates, questions about the roof are frequent.

People rightly ask all kinds of questions, such as, "How Long does a roof last out here in Arizona?  How much does it cost to replace a roof?  What kind of maintenance is required?  Should I get a radiant barrier installed, does that help the roof?"

For someone new to the desert climate, or new to home-ownership, the questions can be as individual as the people asking them.  One thing we know for sure, the roof is one of the most important systems of the house structure, and it is important to get these questions answered.  And the person to ask is a roofing expert, a licensed, bonded and insured roofing contractor, someone your trust.

Tile Roof Photo 2When a buyer selects a home in Arizona, and the purchase offer has been negotiated and accepted, there is an inspection period.  During this inspection period, the buyer has the opportunity to have a home inspection.  Usually there is a home inspection and a termite inspection.  However, the buyer has the right to have other inspections performed as well, and we believe it is reasonable to have a licensed roofing contractor inspect the roof and provide a written evaluation to the buyer.  This information, in addition to the home inspection report & the termite report will help provide a more complete picture of the current condition of the roof and whether repairs are needed now or in the near future.

Many buyers are familiar with shingle roofs, shake roofs and even flat roofs, having seen them in the locale from which they are moving.

Buyers who are not familiar with the tiled roofs in Arizona wonder if they last forever.  According to my trusted roofing contractor, Randy Halfhill at Porter Roofing, Inc., even tile roofs need maintenance from time to time.  He said that, Tile Roof Photo 3underneath the roof tiles, there is a material known as underlayment and that is the material that will keep the rain off of the wood deck portion of the roof.  Randy tells me that it is important for the underlayment to be in good shape, and of good quality.  When a tile roof needs to be re-roofed, most of the tiles will remain with the house, and that it is the underlayment that needs to be replaced to maintain protection against moisture intrusion.  He said that his company uses 40 pound felt underlayment, which is a higher grade than many other roofing companies use, and with the better quality material, Porter Roofing stands behind their work with a 10 year labor warranty.

Randy also explains that other aspects of the roof system must be in good working Tile Roof Photo 4order,such as the proper installation of flashing, a metal material which helps channel the rainwater off of the house and away from pipes and vents on the roof.  Another aspect of a tile roof is the mortar.  Randy said that Porter Roofing uses mortar t stabilize and weather-proof strategically placed tiles at various points on the roof.  He said that tiles at the corners are mortared on the sides as well as underneath that tile to keep dust, debris and water from accumulating, adding additional integrity to the roof, and helping it last longer.

The systems of the house such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC (Heating Venting & Cooling) are all important, yet over them all is the roof.  Properly installed and maintained, it will serve a homeowner well for many years.  It is likely much less expensive to keep the roof in good repair than to have leaks develop which require interior areas of your home to be repaired, restored or repainted.  You may want to consider having a roofing pro take a look at your roof about every year in order to catch an issue before it becomes a bigger problem.  With proper maintenance, your roof should provide you with many years of protection against the elements.  When it comes to your roof, call a licensed contractor you can trust. 

For further information, check out www.porterroofinginc.com or give Porter Roofing, Inc. a call at (480) 460-7602.

~ Grant Phipps


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