Jan. 13, 2015

Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction

Main Entrance - Westworld

Barrett-Jackson 2015 Scottsdale Auto Auction -- 1/10 through 1/18

If you are a car lover, or just enjoy having a great time, make your way up to Scottsdale's Westworld for the 44th Annual Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction of Scottsdale.  Before you go, save a little money by getting online to buy your tickets.  (Go to http://www.barrett-jackson.com/Events/Event/Home/Scottsdale-2015/db2ea9f8-8e86-4e46-9f59-a145dea8d4a7).  The parking is easy to get to and it's close to the event.

My neighbor, Steve, & I decided to go have some fun this past Saturday and we both had a blast.  I love Ferraris, so I was treated to several along with Packard, Delahaye, Audi, Ford GT, Lotus, McLaren and several exotic cars.  The Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction has enough variety to provide everyone with pure car-gazing pleasure.  Anything car related can be found there, it seems.  Old gas pump replicas, signs, special parts, the works! 

Local collector, Ron Pratte, of Chandler is selling a large number of cars and collectibles and it was like walking through history as we wandered around all that he had brought to be auctioned. 

Delahaye Whatthehaye  Check out this Delahaye Whatthehaye

No matter what the weather is, you are in luck.  Most of the auction and things to look at are under roof.  When we arrived, it looked like they had recently constructed a new, very large building on the grounds.  It takes a while to go through all of the buildings and tents, but you do not notice since you enjoy taking in all of the sights.

Once we made it outside, Steve & I decided to take a free ride in the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat (707 horsepower) -- Drag Race Style!  The line was short so we signed in and got a black wristband, good for a free ride in the Dodge Viper on an obstacle course after we had ridden the Hellcat.  It was not long before Steve jumped in the car on the left and I took the one on the right.  A chat with the driver was cut short by the lights, GREEN, launching out in First Gear, Second Gear, then WALL coming at you.  The driver quickly and safely slowed down taking us back to the next rider who was ready to jump in.  It was two thumbs up!  Check the picture out below.

 Drag Race Style

You don't have to know a lot about cars or even go on a joy ride to have a great time at Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction.  The weather will be nice the rest of this week, so think about heading to Westworld.  You might even watch the auction a bit...or even decide to bid.  There are plenty of snacks and drinks to keep you energized as you wind your way through.  Have a great time!

~ David Ramey


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